3 Days Varmam Bootstrap Episode

a) What are varmam and adangal
b) Types of Varmam
c) Types of stimulation
d) Dos and Don’ts
e) Basic Varmam Therapy
f) Saram (Soul Path)
g) Finding all varmam points
h) Manipulation Methods
i) Disease wise varmam points
j) Adangal 56
k) Manipulation of Adangall
l) All types of applied system
m) Continuous stimulation and manipulation of Varmam using a massage. .

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2 Days Varmam Advance Course

Advance Varmam Mantra, Entra and Tantra of a fast and easy technique of Varmam Therapy

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1 Year Varmam Therapist Diploma

The Univeristy of Trans-Disciplinary Health Sciences and Technology – Bangalore

Good news for all those who want to learn Varmam therapy through the University. Now you have a chance to get a diploma in Varmam therapist.

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Varma kalpa Rejuvenation Center

Varma Kalpa Rejuvenation Center (VKRC) is dedicated to the development and spreading of Varmam all over the world. It is engaged in Education, Research and publishing books from manuscripts. In the past 7 years, VKRC has mentored more than 700 students. More than 80% of the students are already practicing with wonderful results. Students are from different walks of society including doctors, healthcare professionals, yoga therapists, yoga trainers, practitioners, housewives, techies and local health practitioners. Responsibility of VKRC is in support, design and developing of academic content, books and evaluation system for Varmam for the university

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